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China Completes New Research Helicopter Conformal Antenna

On the 4th, the reporter learned from the China Aviation Industry Corporation Helicopter Research Institute (referred to as the Aviation Industry Helicopter Institute) that China has completed the first time a helicopter has developed a new research and conformal antenna, and will soon be applied to a new research helicopter model. This is a domestic helicopter industry. A new breakthrough.
According to experts, aerial antennas are devices used on aircraft to radiate and receive radio waves. The traditional antenna is mostly a rod antenna, which is installed on the outer surface of the body structure, which destroys the aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft to some extent, increases the radar reflection surface, and is directly affected by the aerodynamic load. The risk of breakage of the rod antenna is large.
The conformal antenna is a conformal design of the antenna and structure, which does not damage the aerodynamic surface of the aircraft and is not directly affected by aerodynamic loads. Compared to traditional rod antennas, conformal antennas improve reliability and have outstanding advantages. Previously, our common antennas have been subject to human control.
At the end of 2016, the Aviation Industry Helicopters began organizing related technical teams to tackle common antennas for helicopters.
Peng Haifeng, the person in charge of the research, introduced that in the absence of experience, process and method reference in the country, the team through self-exploration, to build a harsh and reasonable conformal antenna test platform. In terms of overall technology, choose a scientific layout for conformal antennas and reduce the impact of surrounding structures on their electrical performance. In the manufacturing process, efforts should be made to prevent defects such as de-bonding and delamination. Based on self-technical capabilities, resolve the conformal antennas. The feed network is complex, and the coupling problem between the antenna elements is serious and other technical problems.
At the end of 2017, it completed the manufacture of diagonal beam dummy parts for the conformal antenna electrical performance test platform. At the beginning of 2018, the manufacture of four prototype prototypes of conformal antennas was completed.
Peng Haifeng said that the success of this experiment only achieved a small goal. With the development of flexible conformal antenna technology, more advanced helicopter antennas will be developed to match helicopters with faster speed, better stealth performance, and higher reliability.