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The first batch of military technical specifications for military defense open to the public


Geometry Professional No. Current Regulations/Regulation No. Procedures/Specifications Title 1JJG (Military) 4-2011 Standard Ball and Standard Hemisphere Verification Regulations 2JJG (Military) 52-2015 Turbine Worm Type Three-Axis Turntable Verification Regulations 3JJG (Military) 53-2015 Prism Goniometer Verification Protocol 4JJG (Military) 54-2015 Optical Collimator Verification Procedure 5JJG (Military) 56-2015 Groove Micrometer Verification Procedure 6JJG (Military) 57-2015 Hole Traverse Comparison Verification Procedure 7JJG (Military) 58-2015 Tap Comparing the table verification procedures 8JJG (military) 59-2015 Measuring the internal groove dial gauge verification procedures 9JJF (military) 14-2012 Large deep-to-deep ratio micro aperture measurement device calibration specification 10JJF (military) 35-2014 microwave radar pose measurement System Calibration Specification 11JJF (Military) 70-2014 Motion Attitude Vision Measurement System Calibration Specification 12JJF (Military) 71-2014 Vehicle Inertial Navigation Device Positioning Performance Calibration Specification 13JJF (Military) 103-2015 Nanoscale Profile Calibration Specification 14JJF (Military) 111-2016 Micro-scale Geometrical Parameters Measuring Instruments Level Diagram 15JJF (Military) 112-2016 Calibration Specification for Taper Measuring Device 16JJF (Military) 116-2016 Calibration Specification for 3D Contour Measuring Device 17J JF (Military) 129—2017 Profiler Calibration Specification Thermal Specialization No. Current Regulations/Regulations No. Procedure/Specifications No. 1JJG (Military) 139—2016-100°C~-70°C Low dew point precision dew point meter verification procedure 2JJF (Military) 16— 2012800 °C ~ 3000 °C radiation temperature calibration blackbody radiation source calibration specification 3JJF (military) 37-2014200 °C ~ 1000 °C radiation temperature calibration blackbody radiation source calibration specification 4JJF (military) 38-2014 low frost point humidity generator calibration specification 5JJF (Military) 39-2014 (5 ~ 400) W/cm2 Radiant heat flow sensor calibration specification 6JJF (military) 40-2014 (0.5 ~ 23.1) MPa high pressure dew point meter calibration specification 7JJF (military) 41-2014300 °C ~ 1000 °C surface thermoelectricity Dual Calibration Specification 8JJF (Military) 42-2014 Shunt Humidity Generator Calibration Specification 9JJF (Military) 72-2014 Surface Temperature Sensor Dynamic Characteristics Calibration Specification 10JJF (Military) 73-2014 Airflow Temperature Sensor Steady State Calibration Specification 11JJF (Military) 105 —20151500°C~2300°C Tube-type Tungsten-Tungsten Thermocouple Calibration Specification 12JJF(Military) 130—2017 Fe-C, Co-C, Pd-C Eutectic Point Method Thermocouple Calibration Specification 13JJF(Military) 165—2017 Digital Temperature and Humidity Calibration Specifications Academic Major Serial No. Current Regulations/Regulation No. Procedures/Specifications No. 1JJG (Military) 46-2014 Verification Rules for Active Piston Volumetric Liquid Flow Standard Devices 2JJG (Military) 47-2014 Verification Rules for Video Extensometer System 3JJG (Military) 61-2016 Electrostatic servo valve static tester verification procedures 4JJG (military) 62-2015 environmental control system test bench test equipment verification procedures 5JJG (military) 63-2015 vacuum gauge (matching method) verification procedures 6JJG (military) 65-2015 high pressure Sensor static verification procedures 7JJG (military) 138-2015 Charpy standard impact test procedures 8JJG (military) 140-2016 digital pressure indicator verification procedures 9JJG (military) 148—2017 (5×10-5~10)Pa· M3/s Gas Meter Verification Regulations 10JJF (Military) 12-2011 Calibration Specification for Radioactive Ionization Vacuum Gauges 11JJF (Military) 19-2012 Subsonic Acoustic Probe Calibration Specifications 12JJF (Military) 20-2012 Multicomponent Force Gauge Calibration Specifications 13JJF (Military) 21—2012 Synchronizer/Resolver Calibration Specification 14JJF (Military) 22—2012 Calibration Specification for Helically Infilled Helium Flow Calibration Device 15JJF (Military) 23—2015 (1×10-8 to 1×10 -14) Pam3/s vacuum standard leak hole Specification 16JJF (Military) 24-2012 Calibration Specification for Ship-mounted Torque Gauges 17JJF (Military) 43-2014 Calibration Standard for Piston-type Glass Tubing Gas Flow Standards 18JJF (Military) 44-2014 (0.1 to 100) Calibration Specification for mN Electric Thruster Thrust Measurement Device 19JJF (Military) 46-2014 Positive Pressure Standard Leakage (Constant Pressure Method) Calibration Specification 20JJF (Military) 47-20145×10-10Pa~5×10-6Pa Very High Vacuum Ionization Gauge (Diverting method) Calibration Specification 21JJF (Military) 48-2014 Low Scale Brinell Hardness Block Calibration Specification 22JJF (Military) 49-2014 Torque Multiplier Calibration Specification 23JJF (Military) 50-2014 Torque Speed ​​Measurement System for Test Benches Calibration Specification 24JJF (Military) 74-2014 Calibration Specification for Multicomponent Force Calibration Devices 25JJF (Military) 82-2015 Calibration Specification for Remote Torque Measurements for Ships 26JJF (Military) 83-2015 Calibration of Shock Tube Method for Dynamic Performance of High-Pressure Transducers 27JJF (Military Industry) ) 106-2015HRWW, HRXW, HRYW ruler standard Rockwell hardness block calibration specification 28JJF (Military) 113-2016 standard pitot tube calibration specification 29JJF (military) 117-2016 high pressure gas pressure gauge on-site calibration specification 30JJF (military) 123-2016 ( 1×105 2×106) m/s2 High Impact Accelerometer (Speed ​​Change Method) Calibration Specification 31JJF (Military Industry) 124—2016 Shock Wave Pressure Sensor Dynamic Sensitivity Calibration Specification 32JJF (Military) 128-2017 Gas Velocity Measurement Apparatus Rating Chart 33JJF (Military) 151 —2017 Buried Oil Tank Volume Calibration Specification 34JJF (Military) 152—2017 (1×10-9~1×10-1)Pa Pressure Pressure Mass Spectrometer Calibration Specification 35JJF (Military) 153—2017 Maglev Vacuum Gauge (Static) Expansion method) Calibration specification 36JJF (military) 163—20172mN~10N Small force dynamometer calibration specification