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AVIC Successfully Developed the First Domestic Helicopter Conformal Antenna

Recently, the first helicopter-conformal antenna developed by AVIC Industrial Corp. passed electrical performance tests. The results showed that the electrical performance test results of the conformal antenna were in line with expectations. This indicates that the domestic first helicopter common antenna was successfully developed and will be implemented in domestic helicopter models. Installed applications.
The traditional antenna is mostly a rod antenna, which is installed on the outer surface of the body structure, to some extent destroy the aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft, increase the radar reflection surface, and breakage occurs frequently due to the direct effect of the aerodynamic load on the rod antenna. The development trend of the era helicopter does not match. The conformal antenna realizes the conformal design of the antenna and the structure, it does not damage the aerodynamic surface of the aircraft, and because the antenna is not directly affected by the aerodynamic load, the reliability is improved.
During the development process, the aviation industry helicopters overcome many difficulties, such as the abnormal sensitivity of the conformal antenna to its surrounding environment, the complex manufacturing process of the structural parts, the complex feed network, and the serious coupling problems between the units. Antenna planning, design, manufacturing, testing and a series of work.